100 Word Review: Ode to a Hedgehog, Stickleback Magazine

Review: Stickleback, Ode to a Hedgehog (magazine)

Publisher: The Hedgehog Poetry Press

Author: Various

Price: FREE, but a donation to Prickles Hedgehog Rescue would be nice!

Mark Davidson, the editor of HPP has created a poetry press that has distinguishable presence and voice. Stickleback magazine epitomises this. Cover design features a Stickleback fish and a Hedgehog. Glorious.
This Stickleback is a collection of all things hedgehoggy, and over 34 poems the reader gets to travel through the uncertainty of a Hedgehog’s world. Playful rhyme and form are found throughout, including a hedgehog haiku.

Favourite lines are found in Sue Burge’s ‘And Winter Came Suddenly’

‘despair etched through your core like seaside rock,
body ticking out its final pulse, tick-tock,
arms spread wide in a perfect dive.’


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