The Angel of Revelation visits the New Age Centre/Anna Saunders

This weeks poem is courtesy of Anna Saunders and featured in issue one of Eye Flash. Anna is one of our favourite contemporary poets here at Eye Flash, and The Angel of Revelation visits the New Age Centre is a great example of Anna’s work that combines comedy, melancholy and the spiritual to create a unique voice that is easy to connect with.

The Angel Of Revelation visits the New Age Centre

The wind chimes aren’t the only issue for the Angel of Revelation
who, monstrous-sized, has to shoe-horn himself
through the small door, the little metal moons catching in his hair,
the cold and kitsch making him recoil.


Dressed only in a cloud, he can bear the temperature
of the central heating turned up high, but the scented candles are noxious
with their chemical rendering of Heaven. 


What whimsy is this, he thinks at the sight of soapstone,
cherub angels
wearing their tiny wings like ears grafted to their backs

and the pictures of soft focus blondes,
sprouting feathers from their see-through shirts.  


These are not the messengers he thinks
with these blind eyes, and doll-like limbs.
Their mouths sealed to a pout.  


Security come running when he roars,
his colossal legs planted firmly into the taupe rug
the grey smoke rising from his feet setting off the fire alarm.

It takes five of them to pull him way from the open window
but not in time to stop him yelling at the pigeons, something about  


feasting on kings and peasants
eating off the flesh of all men, both free and bond.  


Anna Saunders

anna saunders, poem of the week

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