How my 3-year-old comforts her depressed mother/Cecile Bol

Cecile Bol’s heart wrenching yet playful poem reminds us all of the fragility of motherhood. The bittersweet undertone that is carried through to the perfect ending leaves the reader with a curiosity that can only be quenched by reading the poem again, and again. Available in issue five of Eye Flash Poetry Journal

good morning, now why is it  
so warm under your covers? 
don’t be scared of the flowers 
on the sheets, they won’t eat you 
at least not without chopsticks 
you must stay on the bed now! 
the room is full of monsters 
– and ghosts – and small animals 
like dinosaurs and dragons 
some dragons so small they fit 
into your mouth, go on, you 
can eat them, they taste a bit  
like strawberries!  
– or pear… 

cecile bol, issue 5, poetry

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