Wade/Ellora Sutton

Revisiting issue one we remembered how much we love Ellora’s work. She has been making waves in the poetry scene in the last few years, winning poetry competitions and being shortlisted for countless others. Eye Flash is a long term Ellora fan, so what better way to showcase her than to share her poem ‘Wade’ with you from issue one of Eye Flash Poetry.




Of all the things I will
I do know this:

the ribbon of ocean around my ankle
once tied itself

around a skeleton’s wrist;
once formed a knot
in a young girl’s throat;
once kissed the ear 
of a drunken sailor;


had, has and will again
capture every splinter 
of every star
like so many silver fish 
in the reach of its fathomless net.
In it all
caught, like the silver fish-
I am so very small.


Ellora Sutton

ellora sutton, issue one

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