Issue four now available for pre-order

Eye Flash Poetry has grown up.

Our new edition, issue four, is home to fifty amazing poet’s work from all over the world, including the UK, USA, South America, Ireland, India, France, and Spain. We have micro-poetry, prose, and everything in between, showcasing some of the best contemporary poets the world has to offer. So whether you are after the sweetness of Christopher Joyce’s ‘Taste me’ the pastoral magic of Blake Everitt’s ‘Culver Down’ or the politically charged ‘Glory in the name of Fragility’ by Mateo Lara, there is something for every mood and reader.

And I haven’t even mentioned the front cover yet.

‘Sunflower’ is the title of our cover artwork by Monika Kozac, you can find an interview with her here.  Monika is an artist and illustrator from Poland who has seen her work appear in KALTBULT magazine, exhibited in Poland, and has a fierce following on social media. It’s not difficult to see why- her mix of vibrant colour and line work draws your attention and intrigue, and leaves you wanting to know more about the energy behind the image.

Pre-order your copy here for guaranteed first class delivery for April 1st.



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