100 Word Review: A Z-Hearted Guide to Heartache, Charley Barnes

Review: A Z-Hearted Guide to Heartbreak

Publisher: V Press

Author: Charley Barnes

Price: £6.50

Charley Barnes has created an unapologetic collection of poetry with rare strong direction, taking the reader in hand through the relatable and raw emotions of heartbreak. Charley creates a connection to the reader with her concise word play and detailed examinations of the little things in life. Poems bloom while traveling through sweet and sour observations, exploring disability, mental illness, and insecurities of modern life.

My favourite lines, from ‘When buying myself a human’

‘I’d pull the front door closed;
Zip his open chest together.
I would call the vendor, name my price,
Explain I always wanted a long-term project.’

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