A dozen Heart poems just for you

We didn’t want to add to the long list of romantic poetry that is out there for everyone to read, instead, we set about creating a collection of short poems that would create a therapeutic break from all the loved-up sonnets that float about this time of year. Eye Flash Poetry’s ‘The Heart’ pocket poetry pamphlet is here for the romantic sceptic, the querying biologist, and the head over heels poetry lover. You have been warned- this is no regular collection of poems about love.

‘The Heart’ is a collection of twelve poems delving into the human heart in literal and abstract ways, taking you from the demise of a relationship in Stephen Bone’s ‘Unmendable’ to a more anatomical look at the human heart in Marie-Francoise De Saint-Quirin’s ‘Biology’.

There are, of course, a few beautifully near-romantic poems that capture microcosms of true love, such as Joan Byrne’s ‘Coffee Break’ that examines the heart-shaped froth of her cappuccino, and Victoria Gatehouse’s ‘Inosculation’ with its stunning description of a duo of trees ‘in no perfect union’ together through sickness and health.

Poets included in this collection are:

Stephen Bone

Kayleigh Campbell

Holly Woodward

Rebecca Bridge

Scott Thomas Outlar

Tiffany Belieu

Kathryn Simpson

F E Clark

Marie-Francoise De Saint-Quirin

Helena Astbury

Joan Byrne

Victoria Gatehouse

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