100 Word Review: £5 for this love, Stephen Daniels

Review: £5 for this love

Publisher: Paper Swan Press

Author: Stephen Daniels

Price: £5.00

Stephen Daniels new collection develops his original contemporary voice, exploring the darker side of the 21st Century leaving the reader and readjusting their focus to life. Plenty of playful language and form in poems such as ‘Fried Onions’ help juxtapose and give focus to the subject matter of more disturbing poems, such as the unceremonious tale of violence in ‘Condition’.

Stephen leaves the reader full of uncomfortable but crucial questions about our ever-consuming modern day.

My favourite lines, from ‘Fathered’


‘I am not my Father’s eyebrows

Of Swallows nests


I am not my Father’s simmering testosterone

His slapping self-belief’

stephen daniels

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